CBW Brings Health Fast Food to Pacific Beach San Diego

Healthy Brown Rice, Noodles and Wraps
Available at
 CBW Healthy Pacific Beach Restaurant

CBW Restaurant Pacific Beach
822 Grand Avenue Pacific Beach
(between Mission Blvd & Bayard St)
San Diego, CA 92109
Neighborhood: Pacific Beach
(858) 273-9727  Web site: www.cbwca.com/
Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am – 9 pm  / Sun 11 am – 8 pm

CBW Restaurant Review:

For anyone out there who loves to eat healthy but can only take so many trips a month to Subway relief has hit the Pacific Beach area. A new “fast food” restaurant called “CBW” has appeared on Grand Ave. by Mission Blvd. where the old Taco Bell used to be and this place has a wide variety of great tasting nutricious menu items.

There is a ton of meat and meatless entrees including a tofu and vegi bowl, a group of wraps with spinach tortilla and many other menu items that will have “PB” residents coming back. There are some awesome smoothies including the “chocolate lovers” smoothie which is great for a special treat to finish up lunch or dinner.

Although I did not want to say anything I have heard that CBW was infiltrated by jealous fast food spies who are trying to put the place out of the business. This was first evident when CBW moved into Pacific Beach and posted a dull logo on the building with no indication of what they served. Since the side of the building is 40 feet by 15 feet even a mural of an entree would be a good start. The logo implies “Let’s keep what we have here a secret” since only folks in the midwest would have any idea of what “CBW” stands for. Add in the fact that we visited the website and tried to email them and the “contact us” section was not working. One other odd things is that we have not seen one advertisement for the place in any publication in the beach area. Hhhhmmm now we know that spies are there because they put only bland looking logos that are as familiar in the beach area as Egyptian hieroglyphics trying to get peoples attention the about their amazing food. Good reason if you are from the fast food companies since a healthy alternative is ALWAYS nice and this place has not only great food (with a drive thru we may add) but also a great sauce bar that has the freshest salsa, hummus and other goodies.

THANK GOD after driving by the place 50 times we finally decided to sneak up to the drive thru to see what this place was selling. Since we are vegetarian we were ready to speed off from the drive thru if the menu was too loaded with a saturated fat and deep fried menu items, but to our suprise we had found a new favorite spot to eat in Pacific Beach

Okay now that the fun is over the message to the San Diego beach consumer looking for a great place to eat in “PB” with a roof top deck and a view of the ocean. CBW is a great addition to the Pacific Beach restaurant scene and hopefully someone will smell out the spy in their marketing dept. and start painting some colorful food murals on the side of the building so people know that there is a healthy choice at the beach with great food ranging from $5.00 to $9.00. Heck even throwing in ad in The Beach and Bay Press and helping support the local newspaper would not hurt either since 90% of the people that eat there come back again and again.

Anyway you know what the “review” of the place is and that is “GO THERE YOU WILL LOVE IT” and you can actually lose weight eathing food there and not gain weight as is the case with 90% of all the other fast food restaurants in San Diego.

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