Historic Pacific Beach Mural Showcases the Early Day’s of “PB”

Pacific Beach Historical Mural on the Corner of Cass Street
and Grand Avenue Gives a Glimpse of Early San Diego Beaches

Pacific Beach has some great contemporary and historic treasures and one place where that is evident is on the corner of Cass Street and Garnet Avenue where a massive mural
showcases the exact location of where it was painted from the 1940’s.

The historic mural on a wall at the southwest corner of Cass St and Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach, California was created by artists were Kathleen King and Paul Naton. The work was commissioned for the Pacific Beach Centennial in 1987. 

The mural is so well done that many time when getting close it is impossible to tell if it
is actually a painting or a picture.

Pacific Beach grew thanks for service from the railroads and the buildings in
the picture still stand today.

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