Pacific Beach Entreprenuer Offers I’ll Go Personal Assistant and Errand Running Service

I’ll Go Peronal Assistant  and Errand Running Service
Helping San Diego Businesses and People Save Time!

There are many things on a to do list for many businesses, business people
and also busy families and Moms so what better service to start in San Diego
and Pacific Beach than a “Personal Assitant and Errand Running Service”.

The business is run and owned by San Diego resident Kristi Nelson who
claims that ” I’ll Go was created out of a quest to help people win back precious time to enjoy life more.”

The personal assistant services are perfect for those who need help but maybe
not a full time employee.

Nelson a graduate of the University of Arizona and her website services include:

Personal Assistant Services including….

Meal Pickup and Delivery
Sorting mail
Paying bills
Pickup and Delivery of dry cleaning, pharmacy, post office,
and bank Waiting for repairmen, contractors, deliveries and
sometimes in line.

1. Your Household Service
Pickup and Delivery of dry cleaning, pharmacy, post office, bank,
tailor, and video store

2. Business Services. . .
Pickup and Delivery of documents and small packages of 20 lbs or less

3. Your Senior Service
Taking care of a loved one can be stressful. Or, are you a senior
who needs a little extra help to get things done? You need the help
but don’t want to bother family and friends.

Let us be your extra set of caring helping hands by checking in on
a loved one or parent.

Pacific Beach San Diego personal assistant Kristi Nelson

Pacific Beach San Diego personal assistant and errand runner Kristi Nelson

For more information on the “I’ll Go” personal assistant and helper
services contact Kristi Nelson at
Phone: 619-851-2671

Rates start at $30.00 Per hour
Plus 40¢ per mile traveled
We do as many of your errands/tasks as possible in one hour.

* prices get lower based on buying block hours.

Visit the website for more information at

San Diego personal assistant and errand running service!

Serving Pacific Beach and La Jolla area residents and other
sections of San Diego. Call for more information.

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